I’ve always wanted to go to Sri Lanka. When I got a phone call in late September, asking if I could swing a trip October 12th to 21st, I jumped at the opportunity.

This Sunday, I’m back and fresh off a 23-hour flight.

After a 10-day journey at incredible speeds, through Colonial towns, past monkeys and monks, near elephants and cobras, on beaches in rainstorms, in front of Buddhist shrines and behind tea plantations, ascending metal staircases screwed into rock walls, all of it in 101-degree heat … well … I’m exhausted.

I’m going to tell you where to go and what to do in the next post.

Meanwhile, here are the 7 times that Sri Lanka stole my breath with her romance. With her endearing danger. With her wildlife and her wild lands. In her sunrises and her sunsets. With her dreamy, old school tea service and her frenzied, one-track dirt driving conditions. I owe her a debt for an unforgettable week and for reminding me why I became a travel writer.

The world is a big ball of beautiful. Get out there and explore it. Me? I’m going back to bed.


When these monkeys remembered the most important thing in life …


When I made it to the first viewing platform at Lion Rock in Sigiriya, despite my crippling fear of heights …


When I met this dancing cobra …



When this monk and the sunset collided at the Golden Temple of Dambulla …



When I went to silently stalk a lizard, whilst wearing flip flops …


When I was admiring the red dirt and the brilliant blue sky and nearly fell – camera and all – into this pond …


When the sunrise it was so hard to wake up to experience on a deserted beach at Amanwella Resort became one I knew I’d never forget …


Jenny Adams is a freelance travel writer, author and photographer. She currently contributes to a number of publications, including National Geographic Traveler, Hemispheres, American Way and Imbibe. She's the former Bar Columnist for the Miami Herald, the current Copy Editor at Robb Vices and is also wrestling a half-written novel, set in New Orleans. Jenny's got an knack for getting lost, an addiction to full-fat cream cheese, and a deep and abiding love for every Water Buffalo she's ever seen. Her bookshelf is mainly Tom Robbins, her favorite word is 'visceral,' and you can find out more about her at www.jennyadamsfreelance.com.

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