If you know Southeast Asia well – particularly Bangkok – you’ll get the inside joke of this URL immediately.

Anywhere you romp in that region, you come across small shrines. Early morning offerings always feature loose change, a smoldering stick of incense, one bowl of rice and several garlands of prayer flowers. In the middle of it is usually a bright red bottle of Fanta … with a bendy straw jutting from the neck, aimed at the mouth of a crumbling statue.

I grew up in Alabama. The Southern Baptists of my hometown believe Jesus drank austere, red wine from a wooden grail.

Buddha wants something fizzy and full of sugar. He’s laughing. He’s got a gut and a bendy straw. I fell in love with Asia in 2003. I’ve been back too many times to count and have spent the last seven winters there, thawing out for 4 months at a stretch.

I’m smitten with a culture and a place that puts so much whimsy in spirituality. To me, the sacred necessitates smiling. This is the region that first inspired me to be a travel writer … the bottles of Fanta, specifically.

The world is a crazy, bizarre, happy catastrophe of a place. I want to explore as much of it as I can before I sign off, and this travel blog is where all those attempts get cataloged.

I don’t believe in taking life too seriously. I don’t believe you have to lose your sense of wonder or stop believing in magic, just because you passed your 11th birthday. I’m well into adulthood … and I still go outside to play.

Even Buddha Drinks Fanta.

Hi. I’m Jenny. I’m a full-time writer/struggling photographer. Welcome to this blog. If you have any travel-related questions or just want to say hello, feel free to email me at jennyadamsfreelance@gmail.com. You can also visit my other (slightly more professional) attempts at journalism on www.jennyadamsfreelance.com


Jenny Adams is a freelance travel writer, author and photographer. She currently contributes to a number of publications, including National Geographic Traveler, Hemispheres, American Way and Imbibe. She's the former Bar Columnist for the Miami Herald, the current Copy Editor at Robb Vices and is also wrestling a half-written novel, set in New Orleans. Jenny's got an knack for getting lost, an addiction to full-fat cream cheese, and a deep and abiding love for every Water Buffalo she's ever seen. Her bookshelf is mainly Tom Robbins, her favorite word is 'visceral,' and you can find out more about her at www.jennyadamsfreelance.com.

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